Last week, I mentioned that I was on a family holiday with the in-laws, frolicking among fluffy sheep on the fields of England. Here are some nice pictures of us with baby animals and baby humans: The other thing that happened was that we went to the Dartmoor Diner in Plymouth, a cozy, quaint little … Read moreMoussaka

Melting Potatoes

I was just in the U.K. for a fabulous family holiday, and it was one of the most relaxing and peaceful vacations I’d taken in a long time! I suffer from a bit of FOMO, and on vacations tend to want to see, do, eat, play, touch, and experience everything. I sometimes forget that it’s also … Read moreMelting Potatoes

Carnitas Tacos with Green Onion Cabbage Slaw

We have been eating a lot of pork lately! The way I decide what to make usually goes like this… Jackie procrastinates by perusing food blogs and food magazines… Jackie is sucked in by some yummy looking food photos or tasty food description… Jackie obsesses over this recipe for the rest of the day/week until … Read moreCarnitas Tacos with Green Onion Cabbage Slaw

Spaghetti Carbonara

I lived in Italy for six months when I was 23 years old, because, well, Italy. I was out of college with not that many employable skills (having majored in English), and I basically decided that Italy was as good a place as any to plunk down and think about the rest of my life. … Read moreSpaghetti Carbonara

Chili Crisp

Over the last few months, three sets of friends have moved – two have bought their own places (hooray!), and one has moved to a new apartment. Moving is of course a huge hassle, but at least at the end of it it can be celebrated with housewarming parties and housewarming gifts! I am not … Read moreChili Crisp

World Peace Cookies

I know I’ve bit a rambly lately, so back to discussions only on FOOD!!! And by food, I mean the most decadent, buttery, crumbly, intensely chocolatey cookies you can imagine. This recipe is also sort of a cheat, as it’s fairly famous and has been around for ages. But hey, things are a classic for … Read moreWorld Peace Cookies

Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken + CRAZY RICH ASIANS

I finally, finally saw Crazy Rich Asians this past weekend, and it was a wild and delicious ride. I know this is a food blog, but I have so many thoughts about the movie, I have to share them! However, SPOILER ALERT – minor plot points and my very strong opinions follow, so if you … Read moreTaiwanese Popcorn Chicken + CRAZY RICH ASIANS

Marcella Hazan’s 3-ingredient Tomato Sauce

I’m back!! Sorry for the extended absence, August was a flurry of vacations, friends, and animal sightings! James and I had our one-year anniversary of marital bliss (bliss sometimes; general tolerance the rest of the time), and celebrated by going back to Boston, where we met, and traipsing with some friends to Cape Cod, where … Read moreMarcella Hazan’s 3-ingredient Tomato Sauce

Cottage Pie

While James was reading my blog a few weeks ago (as he is my most loyal reader and proofreader), he mentioned that maybe I talk about him too much. So I went back and read some recent posts, and realized that maybe he is right?? So then I actively tried not to do that. I … Read moreCottage Pie

Old Fashioned & Roasted Sugar Simple Syrup

Old Fashioned Bulleit  •  Angostura  •  Luxardo  •  Roasted Sugar Introducing, a new section of the Recipes page – James’s Drinks! James is our resident cocktail aficionado and shaker maker mixologist. He’s current specialties are the old fashioned, the whiskey sour, and the margarita. Ever since we moved to Chicago, we’ve also been slowly expanding … Read moreOld Fashioned & Roasted Sugar Simple Syrup